Celebrating 40 years of research and education on aging

The SFU Gerontology Research Centre (GRC) and the SFU Department of Gerontology serve as focal points for interdisciplinary research, education, and information on individual and population aging to promote collaboration and knowledge exchange in the following areas: Aging and the Built Environment, Changing Demography and Lifestyles, Health Promotion/Population Health and Aging, Prevention of Elder Abuse and Neglect, Technology and Aging, and Culture and Aging. 

SFU Gerontology: Our Story

Established in 1983

The Department of Gerontology has a long history at SFU with the Gerontology Program established 40 years ago in 1983. In 2004, the Gerontology Program received full departmental status.

Gerontology Programs established between 1983-1999

We offer two well-reputed graduate programs: MA (established in 1996) and PhD programs (established in 2007), and two undergraduate programs: Diploma Program (established in 1983) and a Minor Program (established in 1999).

Interdisciplinary Curriculum  

The Department of Gerontology has embraced an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research. We have a strong faculty complement that reflects the interdisciplinary and research-based pedagogical approach of the Department. Interdisciplinary training is supported by faculty members with diverse academic backgrounds in social and health sciences. In addition, Adjunct Professors, Steering Committee members, and Gerontology Research Centre fellows and staff provide supporting roles for the educational programs.

Strengths of our programs

The unique strengths of our educational programs include: interdisciplinary curriculum, research intensive graduate programs, emphasis on experiential learning, training in multiple research methodologies, community-engaged research, and student supportive culture.


The department's faculty are national and international leaders in their respective research areas. Faculty members and GRC staff are among the most successful at SFU in securing research funding/faculty/year. We offer our students extensive opportunities to work as Research Assistants on grant-funded projects to build their research, project management and knowledge translation skills, equipping them for success in the professional and academic field of aging.


The Department of Gerontology would like to thank you for your support toward graduate student training. Donations are tax deductible and support our research, teaching and public awareness efforts in the area of seniors' issues. Learn more about our support funds and endowments here. To donate, visit the link below and search "Gerontology" to select your preferred fund.

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Celebrating 40 years