Graduate Students

Doctoral Students 

Laura Kadowaki
Supervisor: Wister

Health & Aging: Integrated care, home and community care, community services for older adults

Eireann O’Dea

Health & Aging: The lived experience of aging; ageism; living alone in older age/social isolation; feminist gerontology

Kishore Seetharaman
Supervisor: Chaudhury 

Improving Mobility of Older Adults with Dementia in the Neighbourhood by employing Participatory Mixed-Methods to study the Influence of Built Environmental Cues on Wayfinding Ability


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Masters Students

Mina Cho
Supervisor: Mahmood
Jennifer Conroy
Supervisor: Mahmood
Lindsay Grasso
Supervisor: Mitchell
Alexis Haig
Supervisor: Koehn & Chaudhury
Joe Humphries
Supervisor: Chaudhury
Thomas Jenkins
Jowie Kan
Supervisor: Sixsmith
Hanif Karim
Supervisor: Mitchell & Koehn
Emily Lonsdale
Supervisor: Mitchell
LaDonna Miller
Supervisor: Chaudhury
Kaitlin Murray
Supervisor: Chaudhury
Bonita Nath
Supervisor: Wister
Muhammed Qureshi
Supervisor: Sixsmith 
Glaucia Salgado
Supervisor: Chaudhury & Koehn 
Marissa Stalman
Supervisor: Chaudhury
Chester Sun
Supervisor: Chaudhury


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