Graduate Students

PhD Students 

Laura Kadowaki
Supervisor: Wister

Research Areas: Integrated care; home and community care; community services for older adults.

Eireann O’Dea
Supervisor: Wister

Research Areas: The lived experience of aging; ageism; living alone in older age/social isolation; feminist gerontology.

Kishore Seetharaman
Supervisor: Chaudhury 

Research Areas: Architectural design; environmental gerontology; therapeutic environments for mental health; design for dementia; age-friendly and dementia-friendly neighbourhood planning and design; qualitative methods; mixed methods; visual methods; particapatory action research.

Shreemouna Gurung
Supervisor: Chaudhury 

Research Areas: Exploring the delivery of person-centred care to ethnocultural minority seniors in long-term care settings.

Sandeep Dhillon
Supervisor: Mitchell

Research Areas: Immigrant women and their perceived mental health; unmasking social stigmas and taboos related to immigrant elderly Punjabi women in Canada; social determinants of health.


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MA Students

Mina Cho
Supervisor: Mahmood
Ryan Churchill
Supervisor: Cosco
Caroline Duncan
Supervisor: Wister
Shelby Elkes
Supervisor: Mahmood
Lindsay Grasso
Supervisor: Mitchell
Alexis Haig
Supervisor: Koehn & Chaudhury
Joe Humphries
Supervisor: Chaudhury
Thomas Jenkins
Supervisor: Wister
Jowie Kan
Supervisor: Sixsmith
Hanif Karim
Supervisor: Mitchell & Koehn
Lucy Kervin
Supervisor: Cosco
Jonah Kristensen
Supervisor: Cosco
Holly Lemme
Supervisor: Mahmood
Emily Lonsdale
Supervisor: Mitchell
Kaitlin Murray
Supervisor: Chaudhury
Lina Kuo
Muhammad Qureshi
Supervisor: Mahmood
Indira Riadi
Supervisor: Cosco
Glaucia Salgado
Supervisor: Chaudhury & Koehn 
Marissa Stalman
Supervisor: Chaudhury
Chester Sun
Supervisor: Chaudhury
Kelly Teo
Supervisor: Wister & Cosco


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