Graduate Students

PhD Students 

Laura Kadowaki
Supervisor: Wister

Research Areas: Integrated care, home and community care, community services for older adults

Eireann O’Dea
Supervisor: Wister

Research Areas: The lived experience of aging; ageism; living alone in older age/social isolation; feminist gerontology

Kishore Seetharaman
Supervisor: Chaudhury 

Research Areas: Improving Mobility of Older Adults with Dementia in the Neighbourhood by employing Participatory Mixed-Methods to study the Influence of Built Environmental Cues on Wayfinding Ability

Shreemouna Gurung
Supervisor: Chaudhury 

Research Areas: Exploring the delivery of person-centred care to ethnocultural minority seniors in long-term care settings.

Sandeep Dhillon
Supervisor: Mitchell

Research Areas: Immigrant women and their perceived mental health. More specifically, unmasking social stigmas and taboos related to immigrant elderly Punjabi women who have immigrated to Canada, with an emphasis on the social determinants of health as my theoretical framework.


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MA Students

Mina Cho
Supervisor: Mahmood
Ryan Churchill
Supervisor: Cosco
Caroline Duncan
Supervisor: Wister
Shelby Elkes
Supervisor: Mahmood
Lindsay Grasso
Supervisor: Mitchell
Alexis Haig
Supervisor: Koehn & Chaudhury
Joe Humphries
Supervisor: Chaudhury
Thomas Jenkins
Supervisor: Wister
Jowie Kan
Supervisor: Sixsmith
Hanif Karim
Supervisor: Mitchell & Koehn
Lina Kuo
Holly Lemme
Supervisor: Mahmood
Emily Lonsdale
Supervisor: Mitchell
Kaitlin Murray
Supervisor: Chaudhury
Bonita Nath
Supervisor: Wister
Muhammed Qureshi
Supervisor: Mahmood
Glaucia Salgado
Supervisor: Chaudhury & Koehn 
Marissa Stalman
Supervisor: Chaudhury
Chester Sun
Supervisor: Chaudhury
Kelly Teo
Supervisor: Wister & Cosco


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