Engaging with SFU

Below you will find information on how to engage with SFU, whether it be for an event such as an announcement, or connecting with researchers and leaders on campus. 

Connect with SFU leaders, reasearchers, and administrators

SFU Government Relations can assist our government and community partners in identifying and connecting with key SFU individuals and groups. If you are a government official and require assistance, please reach out to us at govrel@sfu.ca.

Looking for an expert on a particular topic?

If you are not certain of who at SFU may be an expert on a particular subject, please visit the SFU Media Experts Directory for assistance.

Hosting an event with SFU

If you are a government or community partner wishing to host an event at one of our three campuses, please contact us at govrel@sfu.ca. We can assist you in working with Meetings, Events and Conference Services to ensure that your event is productive and successful. Our experience can assist in determining the best spaces at our three campuses to use for your event, as well as be able to connect you to the best university contact(s) or department to meet your needs.

Please note that some events may require a minimum of 21 days notice for planning with Meeting, Event and Conference Services. 

Indigenous resources

The Office for Aboriginal Peoples was established in 2009 to lead the implementation of the university's Aboriginal Strategic Plan (PDF). For more information regarding Aboriginal programing and services at SFU, please visit their website

Aboriginal protocol

For more inforamtion about Aboriginal protocol at SFU, including making acknowledgement of traditional lands and requesting an elder to attend your event, please visit SFU Ceremonies and Events' Aboriginal Protocol Page


* SFU_101_2017.pdf
SFU 101 Introduction to Simon Fraser University
* SFU_Overview_Powerpoint.pptx
Overview of SFU Powerpoint
* SFU_Strategic-Vision_2018.pdf
SFU Strategic Vision
* ARC-Executive-Summary_2017.pdf
Walk This Path With Us Report Executive Summary
* SFU_Reconciliation_Annual_2020-21.pdf
SFU Reconciliation Annual Report 2020-21