Thank you for choosing to recruit through Simon Fraser University's Co-op program.

We have worked with over 16,300 employers since 1975. We boast approximately 9,000 students ready to work locally, nationally and internationally.
Since 2002, an SFU student has won the nationwide title Co-op Student of the Year 4 times.

Recruit a Co-op Student


If you have posted with us before and are comfortable, use our 24/7 online self-posting service, myExperience. More specific instructions can be found below.

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If this is your first time hiring an SFU Co-op student or you are in need of assistance, we recommend contacting your Co-op program for more guidance. You may email us a job description and let us take care of the rest of the posting for you.

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Posting A Job


  1. LOGIN

    Visit the myExperience's login page at www.sfu.ca/wil/myexperience.

    Click on the blue "Employer Sign In" button to go to the SFU myExperience employer login portal.

    If this is your first time logging into SFU myExperience, you will need to reset your password. Please refer to the Co-op Employers' Guide for detailed steps.

    Email the Co-op office if required.

  2. ADD NEW

    From your Dashboard, click the blue "Post a Job" button. Select "Experiential Learning Job Postings" and fill in the fields. After you click "Submit Posting for Approval", the posting will be sent for approval and your Co-op representative will contact you shortly.

Not sure how to write a job posting ? Don't worry.

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  • My Previous Postings: Use this field ONLY if you're reposting a job from a previous semester. Click on the drop down and select the position that you wish to repost.
  • Position Type: Select the program that best matches your job.
  • Co-op Program: Enter the title of the job you're posting.
  • Job Description: When you reach the Job Description field, type out or copy and paste your job description. Not sure what to include? Check out our job description templates. To include an attachment of your job description, select Add Item in the Attachments field. Enter a title for the document.
  • Application Deadline: The date you would like the posting to close. Please note that students will be able to apply to the posting until 11:59pm on the day of the expiration date.
  • Location: Enter the location details (city, province/state, and country).
  • Number of Openings: Enter the number of students you are looking to hire for this one specific position.
  • Approximate Hours Per Week: Enter the hours of work per week for the position. Each four month co-op work term must allow students to complete at least 420 hours of work.


Hiring a Student


After your job posting expires, your Co-op representative will e-mail you a bundle containing all the applications. Or you can access the applications through myExperience by the following steps:

Go to www.sfu.ca/wil/myexperience. Log in and go to Job Postings tab, then click "view" beside the job you want to see the applications. In the "Application Package" column, click on the drop-down to download the student's application.


Once you have selected a list of candidates to interview, notify the Co-op Program Assistant with whom you have been working. In your email, please provide the interview dates and times, location, and the interviewer names. As soon as the interview schedule is confirmed, you will be notified via email.

If you are going to schedule an interview, please provide your Co-op representative with 2 business days notice minimum so that the student has time to respond to your offer. Please provide your Co-op representative with any special instructions for your students.


When you are ready to make an offer to one of the students you interviewed, please notify the Program Assistant of the co-op program that you've been working with. The Program Assistant will extend the offer on your behalf and confirm their response within one business day.