2023 Canadian Screening Consortium Symposium

The Centre for High-throughput Chemical Biology is proud to host the inaugural Canadian Screening Consortium Symposium, in celebration of our 5 year anniversary! The CSCS is open to all trainees and researchers interested in the areas of high-throughput screening, laboratory automation, and early drug development. This year, the symposium will be on Friday, October 20 from 9 am - 4:30 pm at the Halpern Centre on the Burnaby campus of Simon Fraser University.

Trainees are invited to submit an abstract for a short talk (15 min). Selected talks have a chance to win a Travel Award. Please indicate at the time of registration whether you would like to be considered, and submit an abstract for review (max 250 words).


Time Event
9:00 am

Morning refreshments

9:30 am Opening comments

Session 1: Methods in Bacterial Screening

Chaired by: Dr. Tracey Campbell

9:45 am

Keynote: Dr. Jon Stokes (McMaster University)

Artificial intelligence for antibiotic discovery and design against Acinetobacter baumannii

10:15 am

Dr. Dennis Liu (Simon Fraser University)

High-throughput Collateral Sensitivity Screening in Drug-resistant E. coli Identifies New Bioactive Natural Products

10:30 am

Ken Rachwalski (McMaster University)

A fluorescent reporter-based screen for inhibitors of the Gram-negative cell envelope

10:45 am

Cathy Cozma (University of British Columbia)

Identification and characterization of dominant negative Rev3 variants

11:00 am Round table discussion
11:30 am Lunch

Session 2: Image-based screening

Chaired by:  Dr. Timothy Audas

12:45 pm

Keynote: Dr. Malina A. Bakowski (Scripps Research Institute)

High-content imaging for infectious disease drug discovery: Chagas disease

1:15 pm

Dr. Pierre-Andre Gilormini (Simon Fraser University)

Activity-based high-throughput screening for the discovery of biological modulators of GCase activity

1:30 pm

Emma Lacroix (Simon Fraser University)

Identifying the regulatory pathways associated with functional and reversible amyloid aggregation

1:45 pm

Dr. Sandra Keerthisinghe (Simon Fraser University)

Adaptation of Cell Painting for the Centre for High-throughput Chemical Biology Platform

2:00 pm
Round table discussion
2:30 pm Coffee break

Session 3: Emerging Screening Modalities

Chaired by: Dr. David Vocadlo

3:00 pm

Keynote: Dr. Mark Henderson (NCATS)

Emerging cell-based screening modalities:  advances in cellular thermal shift and chromatin accessibility assays for HTS

3:30 pm

Dr. Chris Fladd (SickKids)

An Introduction to Drug Screening in 3D using Organoids & Model Organisms

3:45 pm

Junbum Im (BC Cancer Research Centre)

OGT inhibition as a novel therapeutic avenue for EVI1-high acute myeloid leukemia through mitochondrial priming

4:00 pm
Round table discussion
4:15 pm Closing comments


Date: October 20, 2023

Time: 9 am - 4:30 pm

In-person location: Halpern Centre, Simon Fraser University (Burnaby campus)

Virtual attendance available.

Deadline to register: Friday, October 13

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