March 29, 2020

Now in its 36th year, the Institute for the Humanities at SFU seeks to accomplish these basic objectives: stimulate student interest and faculty research in demonstrating the irreducibility of humanistic perspectives in understanding some of the most pressing social, economic, political and environmental problems we face and, above all, to engage the many publics beyond the academy in city, the province, the country and, indeed, the wider world. The Institute is perfectly placed, therefore, to play a key role in the idea of SFU as “student-centred, research-driven and community-engaged.”

The Institute for the Humanities collaborates with a wide variety of organizations within Simon Fraser University, other universities, and in the community at large. Collaborations are selected on the basis of their coherence with the mandate of the Institute as interpreted by its Steering Committee and Director (as well as availability of funds and resources). The Institute takes responsibility for the accounting and logistics only for events that we initiate.

Please contact for all Institute-related questions and concerns.

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