At the Integrated Science Laboratory, we value you and your experience.

From AI decision-making to embodied anthropology, here is where cutting-edge ideas are incubated and their potential realized.

With a foundation in cognitive science, complemented by insights from design and psychology, our lab redefines the boundaries of possibility. We delve deep into the complexities of human cognition, infusing creativity and scientific rigor to craft seamless user experiences. Join us in exploring the intersection of minds and technology, where cutting-edge research meets elegant design, shaping a future where human interaction with technology is intuitive, insightful, and inspiring.

    You will be an integral part of a diverse and inter-disciplinary student community where you grapple with novel and challenging ideas, interrogate your own expertise, and gradually expand your conceptual repertoire as tomorrow's leading scholars and decision-makers. 

    We are looking for undergraduate and graduate students with expertise in: 

  • Perceptual, cognitive and social science theory and methods (e.g. experimental psychology, cognitive discourse analysis, grounded theory)
  • Analysis and modeling (e.g. Python, R,  machine learning, Bayes, Fuzzy-logic)
  • Visualization and interface design and implementation (e.g. Observable)

If you feel that your background and interests match, please contact us!


Recommended readings for prospective students:

Title: Pair Analytics: Capturing Reasoning Processes in Collaborative Visual Analytics (2011)

Authors: Richard Arias-Hernandez; Linda T. Kaastra; Tera M. Green; Brian Fisher

Link: IEEE


Title: The Flow of Trust: A Visualization Framework to Externalize, Explore, and Explain Trust in ML Applications

Authors: Stef van den Elzen; Gennady Andrienko; Natalia Andrienko; Brian D. Fisher; Rafael M. Martins; Jaakko Peltonen; Alexandru C. Telea; Michel Verleysen

Link: IEEE