Lenka Pitonakova

    Pitonakova specializes in developing software for research and education and has an intense passion for elegant design and thorough documentation, and a great eye for detail. Pitonakova currently assists our lab projects, particularly in coding and project organization.

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Industry Partners    

- Quantellia Inc.

    Quantellia is the leading provider of Decision Intelligence software and services, and authors of the award-winning World Modeler, the middleware platform for Decision Intelligence. Decision Intelligence brings a rigorous approach to decision-making, including a process methodology and standardized graphical representations of decision elements. It is to decision-making what software engineering was to programming.

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Community Partners

- Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems (MITACS)

    Mitacs is the key link between private sector and post-secondary institutions, driving collaborations at home and abroad to develop projects solving organizational challenges and fueling Canada's innovation capacity. For 20 years, Mitacs has connected businesses with the best post-secondary institutions to create cutting-edge research, job opportunities for graduate students, and economic growth in Canada and internationally.

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    The project was designed to assure integration of key aspects of visual analytics: technology design, onsite and distributed collaboration with Aeroinfo (Boeing Canada) customers, and direct support for core business operations at Aeroinfo.