Panel on Big Data & Information Technology and Project Delivery

Big Data & Information Technology

There is a wide range of data sources and associated information technology that can be brought to bear on sustainable development and effective decision-making. How has data been used? How can it be used? How should it be used? How are we measuring our impact and effectiveness?

Fred Popowich, Scientific Director, KEY, SFU's Big Data Initiative

Kristina Henriksson, Faculty Associate with Beedie School of Business at SFU - Co-Director of Co-Laboratorio PerĂº, Canadian International Resources & Development Institute (CIRDI)

Project Delivery & Impact

Advances in information technology and communications offer a range of new possibilities for project design, delivery, and monitoring and evaluation. This panel invites those involved in recent development projects involving innovative approaches to reflect upon the wider lessons of their experience.

Cherie Enns, Associate Professor, Geography & Environment, University of the Fraser Valley

Renee Black, Executive Director, PeaceGeeks