Research Projects at IRMACS

The IRMACS Centre is a unique, interdisciplinary research facility whose goal is to enable collaborative interaction both physically and virtually. IRMACS removes traditional boundaries between scientific disciplines creating an intellectually stimulating environment for its researchers. It provides a flexible, computationally sophisticated environment for almost 300 scientists whose primary laboratory tool is the computer. The IRMACS Centre's thoughtful design encourages contact and exchange of ideas. It fulfils a critical need to house diverse groups of scientists for variable periods of time. The configurable open research facility efficiently incorporates a community of scientists, research associates, students, and visitors in a flexible manner. The list of current projects below and past projects highlight the breath and depth of collaborative research taking place at SFU.

Project Leaders Project Name
Ben Adcock Computational Harmonic Analysis and Approximation
Cheryl Amundsen Institute for the Study of Teaching and Learning in the Disciplines
Faisal Beg Improving Sensitivity of Early Detection of AD via Multidimensional Analysis of Longitudinal MR Scans
Derek Bingham Problems in the Design & Analysis of Computer Experiments
Felix Breden FAB Lab
Felix Breden and Jamie Scott iReceptor
Felix Breden Sequence Analysis of Germline and Expressed Immunoglobin Genes
Fiona Brinkman Bioinformatics for Health Research
Zabrina Brumme HIV Lab
Cedric Chauve Combinatorial Models of Synteny Conservation in Genomes
Leonid Chindelevitch Tracing Tuberculosis Transmission
Stephen Choi Explorations in Computational Number Theory
David Clarke Quantitative Exercise Biology
Mark Collard Human Evolutionary Studies Program
Nick Dulvy Conservation Connections: Using Evolution to Guide Conservation Priorities
Uwe Glaesser Software Technology Lab
Michael Hart Population Genomics of Sea Stars
Pavol Hell Graphs & Algorithms
Veselin Jungic Math Catcher Outreach Program
Veselin Jungic Ramsey Theory Working Group
Ted Kirkpatrick WaRM: Developing IBM's Watson System to Provide Insight Using RAI-MDS Continuing Care Data
Kelley Lee Corporations and Global Health Governance
Kelley Lee Tobacco Companies, Public Policy and Global Health
Roger Linington Compound Activity Mapping for Natural Products Discovery
Petr Lisonek Computational Study of Discrete Mathematics Problems Arising in Digital Communication