Locate Your Project at IRMACS

Project Space at IRMACS


The breadth, depth, and quality of the research carried out within the IRMACS Centre draws a diverse community of researchers from both traditional academic and industrial environments. The researchers are members of IRMACS, and are organized around research projects, each of which is led by a Project Leader.

Locate your project at the IRMACS Centre to benefit from its dynamic, interactive, interdisciplinary research environment, its state-of-the-art research facility, its computationally sophisticated infrastructure, and its innovative, expert technical support.

  • Create a central hub for you and your project team members
  • Gain access to the extensive IRMACS computational science infrastructure
  • Each team member will appreciate the extensive technologies and expert support staff, and the camaraderie of the IRMACS Community - find out more
  • Expand your research by tapping into IRMACS's remote collaboration and advanced visualisation technologies
  • Access the IRMACS facilities: use the small meeting rooms for project group meetings, the Presentation Studio and flexible meeting rooms for remote meetings with colleagues from abroad, make your work easier by using the nearby print room and drop in labs, and of course extend your research day by making yourself relaxing in the coffee lounges
  • Augment your research team by inviting short and long-term visitors to join you at IRMACS and take part in your project
  • Promote your research through the Centre's collaboration activities


What's Expected of Project Leaders

The overall expectation of project leaders is that they will be active participants in the vibrant, interdisciplinary IRMACS research community. More specifically, expectations include:

  • Payment of annual project fees for your project (which includes your Project Leader membership)
  • Payment of annual membership fees for your project team members
  • Acknowledgement of the contributions that the IRMACS Centre has had on the conducted research (samples)
  • Acknowledgement of affiliation to the IRMACS Centre (sample)
  • Completion of annual project reviews
  • Participation in the annual Poster Competition
  • Provision of a copy of any published work related to the Centre's projects to the Centre's Research Director.

Apply to Host a Project

  1. Complete the Project Application Form.
  2. The IRMACS Management Committee assesses project applications on a regular basis and will contact you regarding your application.

Once accepted, as Project Leader you become a member and then invite your project team members to join the Centre.

If annual project space is not what you require, and you are not yet an IRMACS member, have you considered:

Professional Administrative Support

If your research project is in need of administrative support, the IRMACS Administrative Team has a proven track record of professional support and is available to assist your project. We can help with:

  • Meeting and event coordination
  • Project and grant budgeting and financial tracking
  • Website hosting and development
  • Content creation of marketing materials and reports

Contact the IRMACS Centre to learn more.