BC Baccalaureate Graduates Survey

The BC Baccalaureate Graduates Survey is an annual survey of students who have graduated with bachelor degrees from post-secondary institutions in British Columbia. More information on the project can be found here.

SFU Tableau Reports:

For SFU faculty and staff, IRP has created reports that summarize SFU results from the BGS at the SFU-wide, Faculty, and Department levels and provide trends of the last five years. If you would like access to these reports, please send an email to askIRP@sfu.ca with the subject: “BGS Tableau Access”.

Survey Question Results:

The most up-to-date survey data can be found here: Index to Tables of Results

This web site has frequency tables of the survey results by Institution and Subject area (CIP code).

  • To isolate the results for SFU graduates, you can either scroll to "Simon Fraser University" under "Institution", or else type "Simon Fraser University" into the search box.
  • Under "Report File Name", you'll find links to various pdf files. These files contain frequency tables of survey results, which are separated for students graduating from a variety of subject areas (listed under "CIP Name".) The reports are formatted to display the results for their subject area on the left (green column), and the overall SFU results on the right (blue column).
  • If you are looking for the results among graduates in a particular subject area, click the "Report Link" to the right of that subject area, and look at the left-hand column in the report tables (green column).
  • If you are looking for overall SFU results, click on the "Report Link" for any subject area, and look at the right-hand column in the report tables (red column).

Survey Dashboard:

The BC Student Outcomes Data Viewer combines the last 3 years of data. This report displays results by Institution and degree-subject combinations.

To access a report for SFU graduates from a particular degree and subject area:

  • Under "Student Group", select "Bachelor's Degree"
  • Under "Institution", select "Simon Fraser University"
  • Specific programs are grouped into "Program Areas" based on their CIP codes. Select the "Program Area" and "Program Name" of interest
  • In you are interested in the overall results for SFU, select "Overall" for "Program Area", and "All Programs" under "Program Name"
  • The tabs to the right display some high level summaries of survey results, sometimes at the Program level, and sometimes at the Program Area level.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.