Institutional Research and Planning

What We Do:

  • We define, collect, analyze, project, maintain, and disseminate institutional data, information and research about all aspects of the university.
  • We provide information, options, and assessment to serve the planning, decision-making, and performance measurement needs of the university.
  • We are responsible for reporting official university data to faculty, staff, students, provincial and federal governments, external institutions and agencies, and the general public.

Mission Statement:

  • Actively uphold the values and commitments of the university by fulfilling and adapting to the information needs of decision makers.
  • Efficiently support planning and decision-making through anticipation, collaboration, innovation, timeliness, accuracy and integrity.
  • Provide value-added information that is accessible, reliable, unbiased, consistent, relevant, useable, and user friendly.
  • Consistently pursue a well-rounded knowledge of emerging issues in higher education, both within SFU and in the world around us.

If you do not find the information you require on our website, please feel free to contact our office directly.