Make Change Studios (IAT 330, BUS 339, IAT 430, and BUS 476) will not be running this fall (nor likely this spring). Capstones are going ‘under construction'. Our goal is to re-evaluate and make the courses even better than they already were by updating the curriculum, introducing new mentors, and providing new opportunities! We have some truly fantastic Entrepreneurship and Innovation courses available for enrollment this fall. 

If you're looking for a capstone course or a similar experiential entrepreneurship course, please check out Technology Entrepreneruship @ SFU and BUS 477 - Start-up Experience.

Make Change Studios

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Don’t just learn, make change happen!

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Make Change Studio is a highly collaborative, 4-course experience that can be taken as a series or individually. Design, business, engineering, marketing and other interdisciplinary students who are interested in entrepreneurship, social change and sustainability work collaboratively

This year, the program will focus on the wicked problems of fast fashion. You will gain a greater understanding for design thinking and the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and go on to launch your own venture, with a solution centered around tackling sustainability through a deep dive into the waste and lifecycles of textiles.

Along the way mentors and industry professionals, including Drummond Lawson (multidisciplinary masters degree from Cambridge examining the strategic responses to the major social and environmental challenges facing the business community and civil society), Chief of Staff and Director of Sustainability at Arc’teryx, and Alex Warburton pioneer pro snowboarder turned international design guru will guide you. You will work together to find sustainable solutions to real-world problems and implement them in real time.



Summer applications are open. Students who apply should hear back about their application shortly.

Experiential hands on learning

The experience comprises four courses (although they can be taken as individual semesters):

(1) IAT330 (Fall) introduces you to the wicked problem of textile sustainability and touches on themes including design iteration and business essentials.

(2) BUS 339 (Spring) centers around the design process and the Minimum Viable Product.

(3 & 4) IAT430 and BUS476 (Summer) transforms spring projects from ideas into actual businesses. The course culminates in students launching their sustainably designed ventures.