Capstone Projects

All MSE students conclude their degree with a team-based Capstone Project that brings together all the technical skills and hands-on experience they have acquired during their program. This practical and innovative project is a highlight for many students, providing them with a forum to tackle an open-ended engineering problem of their choosing.

How does it work?

During the course of two fourth-year classes (MSE 410 and MSE 411), small groups of students address a design problem based on the requirements of the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB). Spring term’s MSE 410 is your initial Capstone Design project class while MSE 411 – offered in the summer term – is its continuation.

Together these courses provide groups of four-to-five with an opportunity to integrate and practicalize the technical skills they have learned on a pioneering eight-month design project.

Your team will be responsible for proposing, conceptualizing, designing, building and demonstrating a significant engineering project. Skills deployed during this project include: creative thinking, collaborative writing, group oral presentations, project documentation, engineering design processes, engineering standards and entrepreneurship via the entrepreneurship @ SFU program.

By the end of these two courses, you will have mastered the design process as well as the documentation, communication and teamwork that enables the creation of successful engineering solutions.

If for any reason, a student did not successfully complete MSE 411,  he/she will repeat MSE 411 in the next offering of the course.  In such an instance, the student inevitably has to join another group and another project.

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Guest Speaker Presentations

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