Industry-Sponsored Capstones

Welcoming industry partnerships

Industry-sponsored capstone projects exemplify SFU's vision of being Canada's leading engaged university. The program offers meaningful learning experiences to our students as well as allowing our valued industry partners to tap into the resources and talents of the School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering.

Running for eight-month periods, capstone projects engage student groups of four-to-five members under the supervision of a professionally designated engineering faculty member. The group proposes, conceptualizes, designs, builds and demonstrates new engineering solutions for a problem sponsored by their industry partner.

What are the benefits for my company?

  • Eight months of dedication from a team of senior engineering students under the supervision of a P.Eng faculty member. The team will work to resolve and/or create a new solution for your company. 
  • Cost benefits could result in increased production, new technology or more efficient operations.
  • Opportunities to develop and recruit talented new graduates with company-specific knowledge.

What will an industry-sponsored capstone cost my company?

The cost of approved materials are the responsibility of the industry partner. Depending on the project, companies may also provide the equipment they require to be re-engineered. Outside of time-commitment by the company representative, there are no wages or consulting costs paid to students or faculty.

How does our company get involved?

Submit a one-page proposal with clear eight-month deliverables. Once accepted, the company and its university liaison will be approved by the instructor. The student-led teams will then select from the projects available. Once a formal agreement is established, the company representative works collaboratively with the group through regular communications and project progress meetings. 

Email your one-page proposal, indicating a clear eight-month timeline plus defined tasks and objectives to:

For more information on past and present capstone projects, visit our dedicated page.

Looking for more ways to engage with us?

  • Hire a co-op student.
  • Recruit graduated talent through our network at a nominal cost.
  • Engage in research and development partnerships with faculty access grants.
  • Sponsor an event: Dean’s Honor Roll event, Science Alive programs, science and technology outreach and recruiting events, etc.
  • Contribute to the Mechatronics Innovation Fund: student grants for research and design in your specified area. This provides MSE students with the funds to fulfill their fourth-year capstone projects.

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For more information on industry-sponsored capstones or other ways to support our school, please contact Julibeth Fernandez at 778.782.8133.

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