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The Medical School at SFU is committed to reciprocal community partnerships in developing and implementing the medical school, its academic programs, and research priorities. 

Robust community engagement with collaborators, health associations and organizations, businesses and communities, and all levels of government is critical to our shared success. 

We need your help to create a shared vision for a medical school responsive to the unique needs of individuals, populations and communities. Great ideas can come from anywhere—whether you are a member of the SFU community, a health professional, or an interested community member, your input is needed and welcomed.

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SFU STUDENTS, Faculty, Staff & Alumni

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SFU is home to a wealth of knowledge thanks to incredible students, faculty, staff and alumni - all of which we will need as we move forward with the medical school’s planning, design and delivery. 

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Community Partners

Community voices needed

We want to hear from you! Whether you are part of the general public, local business or government, a cultural organization, an Indigenous community or in a K-12 school district or other post-secondary institution, your input can help us co-create a medical school that serves the diverse needs of B.C.’s people, patients, communities and health care system.

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Physicians & Health Professionals

Shape the future of medical education from curriculum to culture

The Medical School at SFU relies on the expertise of physicians and health professionals to help us transform teaching and practice. Together, we can make an impact on both education and patient care.

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Please take a moment to answer our monthly survey. It’s quick and anonymous, and your answers will help SFU build a medical school that is responsive to the needs of the community.

November / December survey question:

What is the ONE most important skill or ability medical students who will serve diverse populations in B.C. should have?

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