British Columbia Megafauna Project

Mammoth image @ SFU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

Our Project

The BC Megafauna Project looks at ice age animals found in British Columbia. Our aim is to find and document as many of them as possible, from both public and private collections.

We want to know when they lived (from radiocarbon dating), information on their health and age (from the bones), and also information on their diet and how and where they moved across ice age British Columbia (using chemical analysis).

Chemical analysis will look at the stable isotope composition of faunal remains to give details about animals and their environment. To improve data on British Columbia's ice age, we are seeking bone and teeth samples from ice age animals for radiocarbon dating and isotope analysis.  

Archaeology Isotope Lab

Our lab specializes in isotope analysis. We work to shed light on human and animal mobility, diet, and ecology on palaeontological, archaeological, and forensic projects worldwide and have recently installed mass spectrometers for in-house analysis.  


We aim to be minimally invasive during our sampling. We travel to museums and private collections to sample ice age animals found in British Columbia. We also sample at SFU and accept samples by mail.

Unsure if you have an ice aged animal? Contact us and we will help identify it.


Your participation will be gratefully acknowledged in the resulting PhD theses. You will also receive results, giving you new information about your ice aged animal. 

Be part of the BC Megafauna story by contributing information or samples!