HQP Internships

The following are highlights provided by HQP of the impact of their internships: 

"My internship at PerkinElmer Inc. in Woodbridge, ON provide me an invaluable professional experience that allow me to test the theories and concepts that I learned. Not to mention, this the opportunity helps to achieve my learning goals as well as increases my chances for getting jobs in the industrial field."  - Ram Lamsal, Ph.D., Queen's University 

"At Nano One Materials Corp., I got to contribute to the development of next generation cathode materials for lithium ion batteries. Through my internship, I got to expand my skillset and network in a way I expect will serve me well in the future." - Victor Aiyejuro, M.Sc., University of Victoria

"My research stay at the Energy Engineering Department at Yokohama National University in Japan allowed me to further develop an expertise in water electrolysis. Through these collaborations, I was able to focus on unique experimental challenges and to utilize advanced imaging techniques relevant toward my thesis work." - Audrey Taylor, Ph.D., Simon Fraser University

"Thanks to the Ni Electro Can project, I was able to learn more about the operation of anion exchange membrane fuel cells during an internship at the Technion with Professor Dario R. Dekel. The internship was not only a chance to have hands-on experience with state-of-the-art fuel cell catalysts, but also a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth." - Eduardo B. Ferreira, Ph.D., Queen's University

"During the Ni Electro Can project I had the opportunity to travel to NTNU in Trondheim, Norway several times to study nickel based nanoparticles in their state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities. It was a fantastic trip, I learned a lot about a field I would never have been exposed to otherwise, I made tons of new friends, and I got to explore a culture different from my own. The whole thing was an extremely positive experience and I'm happy to have had the chance to be a part of it." - Tory Borsboom, Ph.D., University of Victoria

"I spent several weeks at SINTEF in Trondheim, Norway working with both AEM and PEM water electrolysis systems. At SINTEF I had access to some of the most advanced technology and stack components in the water electrolysis industry. I was able to better understand the hardware and engineering necessary to construct high-performance cells and was able to bring this knowledge back to my lab where myself and two other students work on water electrolysis systems." - Amelia Hohenadel, Ph.D., Simon Fraser University

"My stay at Norwegian University of Science and Technology and my participation in the H2FC conference allowed me to gain a better understanding of the diversity of energy based research taking place in Europe, and to initiate new collaborations. This experience also helped me to identify an outstanding opportunity for postdoctoral research in Germany, which I was able to pursue after completing my graduate studies." - Michael T.Y. Paul, Ph.D., Simon Fraser University