Selected Publications

Features of Different Remote Sensing Platforms
Hyperspectral UAV Systems Used in the Literature
Close-range Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

Bing Lu, Yuhong He. 2019. Leaf Area Index Estimation in a Heterogeneous Grassland using Optical, SAR, and DEM DataCanadian Journal of Remote Sensing, 45, 618-633

Grasslands National Park and Multi-type Satellite Images
Sampling Sites and Data Analysis
Map of Leaf Area Index and Influencing Factors

Bing Lu, Yuhong He, Phuong D. Dao. 2019. Comparing the Performance of Multispectral and Hyperspectral Images for Estimating Vegetation PropertiesIEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. 12(6): 1784-1797.

Hyperspectral Images Collected in Southern Ontario
Hyperspectral Sensor Mounted on Manned Helicopter
Mapping Chlorophyll with Hyper and Multispectral Images

Bing Lu, Yuhong He, Hugh Liu. 2018. Mapping Vegetation Biophysical and Biochemical Properties using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles-acquired ImageryInternational Journal of Remote Sensing, 39:15-16, 5265-5287.

UAV-based Imaging
Mapping Vegetation Chlorophyll Content
Evaluating Impacts of Wetness on Chlorophyll Distribution

Bing Lu, Yuhong He. 2018. UAV-based Multispectral Images for Investigating Grassland Biophysical and Biochemical Properties. Chapter 12 in High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing: Data, Analysis, and Applications. 245-259. CRC Press. ISBN 9781498767682.

Alexander Tong, Bing Lu, Yuhong He. 2018. Inversion of a Radiative Transfer Model Using Hyperspectral Data for Deriving Grassland Leaf Chlorophyll. Chapter 13 in High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing: Data, Analysis, and Applications. 261-282. CRC Press. ISBN 9781498767682.

Cameron Proctor, Bing Lu, Yuhong He. 2017. Determining the Absorption Coefficients of Decay Pigments in Decomposing MonocotsRemote Sensing of Environment, 199:137-153.

Bing Lu, Yuhong He. 2017. Species Classification using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)-acquired High Spatial Resolution Imagery in a Heterogeneous GrasslandISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 128:73-85.

Native and Invasive Species
UAV Images (upper) and Species Classification Maps (lower)

Alexander Tong, Bing Lu, Yuhong He, Xulin Guo. 2016. Role of Remote Sensing in Sustainable Grassland Management: A Review and Case Studies for a Mixed-Grass Prairie Ecosystem. Chapter 6 in Remote Sensing for Sustainability. 103-120. CRC Press. ISBN 9780367871406.

Bing Lu, Yuhong He, Alexander Tong. 2016. Evaluation of Spectral Indices for Estimating Burn Severity in Semiarid GrasslandsInternational Journal of Wildland Fire, 25(2):147-157.

Satellite Image Showing Burned Area
Evaluating Burn Severity using Spectral Indices
Monitoring Post-fire Vegetation Recovery

Xuezhong Jiang, Bing Lu, Yuhong He. 2013. Response of the Turbidity Maximum Zone to Fluctuations of Sediment Discharge from River to Estuary in the Changjiang Estuary (China)Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 131:24-30.

Bing Lu, Xuezhong Jiang. 2013. Reclamation Impacts on the Evolution of the Tidal Flat at Chongming Eastern Beach in Changjiang EstuaryJournal of Remote Sensing, 17(2):335-349.

Satellite Image Showing the Beach Study Area
Evolution of the Beach from 1970 to 1987
Pattern of Tidal Creeks Extracted from Historical Images