Audio file of Blomley 'Shut the province down' BC Studies

Audio file: Co-op Radio on gentrification in Strathcona

Op-ed, Vancouver Sun, on gentrification (with David Ley and Elvin Wyly)

Video: 'The space of property' U Ottawa Law School, October 2014

Video: 'Why and how property matters to planning' March 2014

Video: Property and the right not to be excluded, Arhus 2016

Video: Commoning the city, Istanbul 2016

Video:  La propriedad de la tierra desde una mirada critica 2017

Video: Propiedad precariedad y poder (Property, precarity, and power) Mexico City 2018


* Ph.D. position.pdf
Ph.D position - Critical Legal Geography 2019
* Grounding law flyer.pdf
Legal Geography workshop
* Workshop program-v1.pdf
Legal geography workshop - program
* Accessing Pogo .pdf
Accessing Pogo