Forensic Osteology Consulting - FROST Lab

The Forensic Osteology - FROST Lab provides a variety of services assisting the coroner's system and police forces in the search, recovery, identification and determination of circumstances of death of found human remains. The Lab assists the BC Coroner's Service on a regular basis with case work and our students are part of the RCMP's Forensic Search and Recovery Evidence Team. The lab has also assisted other local police forces and the Yukon Coroner's Service in their case work. For more information about the services provided by the FROST Lab and a schedule of fees, please contact me.

The Lab is actually comprised of a Containment Level 2 autopsy suite and a dry lab. In addition to forensic case work, these labs are also the facilities where my students carry out research with modern or recent human and animal remains. The lab also includes an evidence room and is one of the physical components of the Centre for Forensic Research, an SFU research institute located in Sawywell Hall.