The Pollination Ecology Lab at SFU

Field work (and play)

A few field sites....

Thetis Lake Park, near Victoria 

 Cowichan Garry Oak Preserve, near Duncan

Jack Point Park, near Nanaimo

Field season 2012:  The Blueberry crew wields dangerous weapons (electric toothbrushes; clockwise from top:  Lindsey, Eva, Danielle, and Alysha) and Julie captures the endangered Bombus occidentalis!!!

Lia and Alex (field crew 2009) pinning bees on a rainy day, with headlamps, in the cabin at Cow Lake....watching David Attenborough's "Planet Earth" of course.

Watch out!  Lisa's dangerous, at the SFU BioBlitz in 2008

The sighting of the rare Bombus welliei at the Observatory, field season 2007

The "Serious Scientists" of field season 2005, also Cow Lake.