Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Find a list of FAQ’s to assist you in the application process. 

PRE-Award: When you are Applying for funding

  • Who completes the Fulfillment of Degree Requirements Form?
    If you completed your PhD, health professional or equivalent degree at SFU, you can request the form be completed by Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies Staff (send the request to, otherwise contact the university at which you completed the degree.  
  • Can someone at SFU help with my proposal?
    The staff in Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) is happy to read through (for spelling, grammatical errors and formatting) any postdoctoral funding application, even if the competition does not include our office. For applications in the Health Sciences, contact for assistance.

Post-Award: when you receive Funding

  • How is my fellowship paid if I’m the Principle Investigator on a grant application and conducting independent research? (eg Crohn’s Canada)
    Contact SFU’s Office of Research Services:
  • How is my fellowship paid if I am a Trainee on a Fellowship or research stipend application? (Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships, CIHR, MSFHR, SSHRC)
    If there isn’t an option to be paid directly from the agency,Download adn fill-in the "SFU Non-Research Funding Application". This form can be signed by your Chair/Director and Dean and submitted to Research Accounting ( for fund set up.


  • Who signs the application/award/authorization forms?
    If you are in a departmentalized program, it usually goes to the Chair of the Department; if you are in a non-departmentalized unit (like Faculty of Health Sciences), then it goes to the Dean.
    Sorry, Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies does not have signing authority for postdoctoral fellows.