Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Find a list of FAQ’s to assist you in the application process. 

PRE-Award: When you are Applying for funding

  • Who completes the Fulfillment of Degree Requirements Form?
    If you completed your PhD, health professional or equivalent degree at SFU, you can request the form be completed by Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies Staff (send the request to, otherwise contact the university at which you completed the degree.  

Applying to Grants as Principle Investigator  

  • Can Postdoctoral Fellows apply to grants as Principle Investigators?
    If you are able to provide a rationale to howmeet all eligibility criteria outlined in the funding opportunity terms and conditions and your supervisor also deems your proposed research activity "exceptional". You must submit the " Postdoctoral Fellow as Principla investigator Approval Form" to for approval before submission to the proposed granting agency.

Post-Award: when you receive Funding

  • How is my fellowship paid if I am a Trainee on a Fellowship or research stipend application? (Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships, CIHR, MSFHR, SSHRC)
    If there isn’t an option to be paid directly from the agency,Download adn fill-in the "SFU Non-Research Funding Application". This form can be signed by your Chair/Director and Dean and submitted to Research Accounting ( for fund set up.
  • How is my fellowship paid if I’m the Principle Investigator on a grant application and conducting independent research?
    Contact SFU’s Office of Research Services:


  • Who signs the application/award/authorization forms?
    If you are in a departmentalized program, it usually goes to the Chair of the Department; if you are in a non-departmentalized unit (like Faculty of Health Sciences), then it goes to the Dean.