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SFU Policies: Research

What are the SFU policies relating to research administration matters?

Tri-Agency funding 

How to determine the eligibility of expenses?

  • Program and funding opportunity guidelines
  • Four principles which govern the appropriate use of grant funds
  • TAGFA directives
  • SFU policies and procedures

Quick reference sheet

Why are long- and short-term disability insurance, life insurance, pension, medical, vision and dental care and maternity leave benefits for research personnel considered discretionary benefits on Tri-Agency grants (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR) at SFU?

Tri-Agency monitoring visits confirm that only institutional non-discretionary benefits on compensation-related expenditures are allowable.  

Under the SFU policy for Employment of Personnel Funded from Research (R50.02), SFU's non-discretionary benefits are only legislated benefits: Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan and Worker's Compensation coverage.

Thus, long- and short-term disability insurance, life insurance, pension, medical, vision and dental care, and maternity leave benefits would be considered discretionary. Consequently, such benefits are not allowable on Tri-Agency-related grants.

Externally Restricted Non-Research Funding: Fund 25

How do I request for a project set up for externally restricted non-research funding?

Before entering into the agreement or contract, the account owner responsible for the project should complete an SFU Non-Research Funding Application form.

Non-Research Funding Application form

Please fill out the form and send it to Legal Affairs (Li-Jeen Broshko) along with the agreement to obtain internal approval. Once approved, it will be reviewed and approved by appointed individuals with signing authorization under SFU policy B 10.11.

Send the completed SFU Non-Research Funding Application form and a copy of the approved agreement or contract to Research Accounting. We will create a new project account number to keep a separate accounting record and email a Project Account Memo to the account owner and Department Manager.

Read more about this at SFU Policy: Service Contracts (AD 3.13)

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