As part of SFU: What’s Next?, we’re asking big questions—questions about the future of SFU, our priorities and how we want to define ourselves as a community. In order to receive broad input on these questions, we’re using ThoughtExchange as a simple way for community members to share their thoughts and see how those thoughts resonate with others.

What is Thoughtexchange?

ThoughtExchange is an online engagement app built and managed by Fulcrum Management Systems, Ltd., a company based in B.C. The platform is designed to let us respectfully share critical, concrete thoughts with each other and respond to them in real time, giving us nuanced and immediate feedback about the ideas and experiences we have in common and the ones we don’t.

To learn more about ThoughtExchange, please visit their website:

Participating in ThoughtExchange is completely anonymous, and we’re taking steps to ensure your privacy is protected. Learn how SFU and ThoughtExchange will keep your information safe.

How to Participate

Share, Star, Discover!

  1. Select the conversation you want to participate in – there will be two “big questions” to answer, and each question will have its own exchange.

  2. Tell us a bit about you – First, you will be asked to answer a question so we can understand your relationship to SFU.

  3. Share – Provide a short thought in response to the question. Then, offer a brief explanation about why your thought is important. Share as many thoughts as you would like.

  4. Star – Read and rate the thoughts of others from 1 to 5 stars depending on how much you agree. This process is completely anonymous. Rating thoughts helps us understand which thoughts participants have in common, and which they don’t.

  5. Discover – Browse the results to see what topics have emerged and which ideas are most popular.

  6. Repeat – Check back regularly to see how the conversation is evolving! Each question is open for two weeks, and the more you share, star and discover, the more we’ll know about the thoughts and priorities that are relevant to our community. 

Join the discussion

ThoughtExchanges work best when input is concrete, respectful and actionable. Your thoughts are anonymous and they are published to the exchange immediately—so do share, but please be respectful.  

When sharing thoughts, please do not enter personal information about yourself or others or any information that may identify yourself or others in any free text fields—thoughts that contain personal information or personal criticisms will be removed immediately in order to maintain compliance with FIPPA. 

Active Conversations

All ThoughtExchanges for SFU: What's Next? phase one are now complete. More conversations will take place in the Fall of 2022.

PAST Conversations

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