SFU: What’s Next? phase one results now available

September 20, 2022

Earlier this year, President Joy Johnson began asking “SFU: What’s Next?” as a way of considering what our changing world means for our role and priorities as a university. Faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners are responding, and the results from phase one community conversations are now available.

SFU: What’s Next? is a cross-university collaboration to help us collectively express SFU’s vision, purpose, priorities and commitments, with the goal of developing a framework that aligns efforts across the university.

During the phase one community conversation, broad input was gathered from SFU community members using a survey administered by Academica Research Group and an online idea-sharing tool called ThoughtExchange.

Throughout April and May, ThoughtExchange saw 1,229 participants share 725 thoughts in response to 6 questions, and 601 participants completed the survey.

The findings from phase one engagement are now available:

Analyzing the data

The responses from ThoughtExchange were analyzed, coded and themed by a team of graduate students hired to support the project, under the supervision of Laya Behbahani, director, Student Experience Initiative.

Each bringing unique lived experience and academic expertise to their work, Maria Abarca, Aylar Adeh, Thuy Do, Stan Hetalo, Catherine Jeffery, Elina Jin and Marie Pitre compiled, themed and summarized data from ThoughtExchange. Read more about their experiences working on the project on the Faculty and Staff Dashboard.

Academica Research Group, an independent academic research firm, implemented the survey and coded survey responses to create themes. Learn more about Academica Group’s approach to data analysis in the introduction to the research findings presentation. The full research findings report is available upon request – please contact to submit your request.

Conversation continues this fall

This fall, students from across the university are invited to share thoughts on What’s Next for SFU through pop-up booths, completing a survey or attending an in-person dialogue. Learn more.

The next step in the engagement process is to share a draft framework with the community. Faculty, staff and students will also be invited to share feedback with the president and provost through town halls on:

  • November 7 – 10:30 am – 12:00 pm (Faculty) 
  • November 8 – 1:30 – 3:00 pm (Staff)
  • November 15 – 3:00 – 4:30 pm (Students)