What to Expect

I've never done this before! What should I know?

Being a TA is not easy. It’s a lot of work, but it’s sometimes necessary if you need to earn money, and you’re probably going to have to do this at least once (it looks good on your CV too). However, there are lots of people around to assist you if needed. Many grad students find teaching to be a satisfying and rewarding experience, as well as a great learning opportunity and an important component to their training.

What to Expect

  • Generally, a TAship includes the following: holding office hours, attendance at lectures, prep time, and marking time. You will be expected to put in 12-15 hours per week on average.

  • Some classes have heavier loads than others. These will usually have a tutorial component, which means that a full load typically consists of 2 two-hour labs. In addition, you’ll need time to prep for your tutorials.