Looking for families!

We welcome and are excited to work with all families to learn about child development! 

If you are interested in engaging in research at SFU, please add your contact information to the SFU Child Research Group database (see "Sign-Up!" link below), and someone will contact you if you are eligible for a study with us.

Studies are conducted online and/or in-person on SFU's Burnaby campus, and range in length and time commitment. Participation is always voluntary and often includes compensation/incentives.

We look forward to working with you!


Prospective Graduate Students

If you are interested in pursuing a graduate degree under the advisement of Dr. Peplak, please email her directly. Any questions about the graduate program and its requirements, please contact the Psychology Graduate Program Assistant at psycgrad at Please carefully review SFU's graduate program information pages:

Requirements   Admission Info

Do You Want to Become a Research Assistant?

If you are an undergraduate student or recent graduate and would like to get involved in our research, please complete the application form below: 

We are currently hiring volunteer research assistants!

We are currently hiring for a volunteer Social Media Manager position!

If you are interested in completing a directed study or an honors thesis under the supervision of Dr. Peplak, please see the Lab Policies tab on this website for more information.