Graduate Students

Sean Butler, MA

Sean currently on internship with Vancouver Coastal Health, while finishing his dissertation as a Doctoral student in the General-Clinical stream. He is interested in the examination of impulsivity and emotion regulation in Borderline Personality Disorder using psychophysiological measures. 

Matthew Wakefield, MA

Matthew is a sixth year student, completing the Ph.D. program in the General-Clinical stream. He completed his honours thesis, in which he examined emotion differentiation, borderline features, and impulsivity, under the supervision of Dr. Alexander Chapman in 2013. He defended his Master's thesis under the continued supervision of Dr. Chapman, and is currently workig on his Ph.D. investigating associations with self-harm.

Lynnaea Owens, MA

Lynnaea is a fifth year student in the Ph.D. program in the General-Clinical stream. She received her B.A. from the University of British Columbia where she completed an honours thesis on borderline personality disorder (BPD) traits and sexuality. Her Masters was completed at SFU under the supervision of Dr. Chapman, looking at self-compassion in borderline personality disorder. Her current research interests include romantic and sexual functioning in BPD and the role of self-compassion in emotion regulation. Her Ph.D. study will begin in Spring of 2020

Philippa Hood

Philippa is a first year student in the M.A. program in the General Clinical stream. She received her B.A. in languages (Mandarin Chinese and Spanish), translation, and intercultural studies from Dublin City University, Ireland. Following this, she completed a Higher Diploma conversion program to psychology at Trinity College Dublin. Her honours thesis was a qualitative examination of the experiences of socioeconomically disadvantaged young people, at-risk of dropping out of school, completing an equine assisted learning intervention (Hood & Wilson, 2020). Philippa is currently completing her M.A. thesis under the supervision of Dr. Chapman, where she is examining the potential role of mindfulness as a mechanism of change in dialectical behavior therapy. More broadly, Philippa is interested in using longitudinal designs to examine the etiology of self-damaging behaviours in adolescents (particularly, disordered eating, non-suicidal self-injury, substance use, and risky sexual behaviour).

Lab Coordinators

Bridget Beggs, B.A. (Hons.)

Bridget is PERL's general lab coordinator. She defended her Honour's thesis under the supervision of Dr. Chapman in 2018. Her research was focused on understanding of suicide in different age groups, and atitudes held towards older and young adult suicide. Her degree was completed in psychology and gerontology.

Michelle Morin

Michelle is a study coordinator focusing specifically on our multi-site randomized controlled study examining the effectiveness of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. She is currently an undergraduate majoring in psychology and minoring in counselling. Her research interests include cross-cultural clinical research looking at Intermittent Explosive Disorder episodes.

Current Research Assistants (alphabetical order)

Minji Lam
Tom Maloney
Jacob Vlug

Honorary Graduate-Student Lab Members

Brian Bird
Richard Rigby