Please note that we are not currently taking new volunteers at this time. Please feel free to check back to this page for updates, or contact our lab coordinator at chapman_lab@sfu.ca for an update on when we might be looking for new volunteers.

**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person research activities in our lab are limited, and volunteer activities are largely on pause until further notice**

For information on volunteering in the Personality and Emotion Research Lab, please complete the RA application here and email your application and your advising transcript to our lab coordinator at chapman_lab@sfu.ca . We require a 3 semester commitment, for a minimum of 8 hours each week. Ideal applicants have completed 60 credits, with a minimum of PSYC 201 and 210, and have a 3.0 CGPA.

For information on completing an Honours or Directed Studies project under the supervision of Dr. Chapman, please email Dr. Chapman your CV and transcript.

For information on being a graduate student working with Dr. Chapman, please see the department website. For further information, please email Dr. Chapman.

For information on working as a post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Chapman, please email Dr. Chapman.