Work-Study opportunities

Through SFU’s Work-Study program, students join our team as program assistants and contribute to research and communications on the issues of public concern that drive our work. They work flexible hours while they continue their studies and earn a supplemental income as well as credits for their Co-Curricular Record.

What will you learn?

Our Work-Study program assistants play a vital role on the SFU Public Square team. During the term, you will learn invaluable skills pertaining to research, communications, marketing, event planning and community engagement in a fast-paced, hands-on environment with a collaborative team.

What will you do?

Each Work-Study position is different, so we can cater to and support your unique skills and interests, but you can expect to:

  • conduct research on trends in emerging issues and public policy, potential community and university partners, and emerging best practices for accessible communications and community engagement
  • support logistics for our events and activities, including being “on the ground" at our in-person and online events
  • develop content for SFU Public Square's digital channels, including writing research articles, event recaps and social media posts, and helping with basic design tasks

How do you apply?

For more information on how to join the Work-Study program, go here.

We typically have openings for Work-Study students in the fall, spring and summer terms. You can find our postings in the Work-Study job search system. If accepted, you will be afforded 140 Work-Study hours to be completed over one term.

If you have any questions about the program or application process, please contact our Program Manager, Seth Erais, at

Some former program assistants


Hân joined our team as an emerging filmmaker, artist, videographer and curator, having collaborated and screened works with festivals and organizations such as DOXA, VIFF, Festival of Recorded Movement, and SFU Galleries. With a passion for visual storytelling, she works to ignite conversations through artistic engagement with communities for meaningful changes. Get to know Hân in this interview!


“I will forever treasure the work culture that I got to be a part of while working at SFU Public Square—great professional bonds, sincere care and fun times! Not only did SFU Public Square give me a warm welcome when I first joined, they kept that warmth consistent throughout my time with them and even after I left, from their appreciation of my work at the end of each work day (yes, literally at the end of EACH work day I heard a “thank you” on my way out) to the intentional growth points they encouraged me to take on—I gave my first-ever public speech at an event for Black History Month 2020 which was received exceptionally well by the audience. They are receptive to different points of view and perceptions on different topics and decisions, and they are great at taking time to celebrate the accomplishments, birthdays and significant milestones of each of their team members, which really makes a difference! Thank you for giving me an opportunity to grow and learn with you, SFU Public Square!”


“My experience at SFU Public Square was beyond amazing. I learned a lot about community engagement and the importance of convening serious and productive conversations about issues of public concern. Having also been a Work-Study student prior to my co-op, I had the opportunity to work on various meaningful projects that helped me gain teamwork and collaboration skills and taught me the value of inclusive, intelligent and inspiring dialogue.”


"When I first joined SFU Public Square in 2015, I had a hard time finding career aspirations. I had little interest in my field of study and almost no extracurricular experience, so in-office volunteering was something new and different. I decided to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did.

Volunteering and working at SFU Public Square allowed me to develop an impressive range of skills—from taking part in public dialogues to coding custom CSS/JavaScript for the website. Most importantly, being part of the program helped me develop a strong sense of direction. It gave me confidence to switch between majors and pursue a career I’m passionate about. The team always supported my growth and assigned me tasks that were particularly valuable for my area of focus, so I could gain relevant experience. After I’d completed my last term at SFU Public Square, I had a chance to land a job in creative video production at one of the best agencies in Vancouver. In addition, this one-of-a-kind experience came with some unique and precious friendships I developed along the way."


"I joined SFU Public Square in January 2017 in the midst of planning for the Who Needs Canada? Community Summit. From the first day, I realized that what this team does is beyond a normal 9-5 job—in fact, they are working toward a goal with dedication and determination.

While pursuing a major in psychology at SFU, working with SFU Public Square enabled me to apply my knowledge and prior experience working with non-profits to real-world situations in various aspects. There were new challenges arising throughout my time with the program, but I knew those challenges were just opportunities to learn and grow because help and supervision were always there. In addition to my professional development, working with SFU Public Square helped me in my personal growth as well, because in a year and a half of working, the team were not just my coworkers but my family who offered their full support in the toughest times of my life.

Working as an operations manager in an industrial setting after graduation, there are still many instances where I refer to my experience with the program. I can firmly say that working with SFU Public Square was as valuable as my studies at SFU, since it prepared me for the next steps of my life."


"I first joined SFU Public Square as a Work-Study student hoping to simply get more involved with my school and the community (involved how, I wasn’t even sure); little did I know, the position would offer so much more than the typical extracurricular or Work-Study program. As a political science student I was getting to see my lecture material being applied in "the real world." I learned the norms of a professional office, attended important events, and made friends with people outside my usual student circle.  

As I prepared to leave university, and my Work-Study position at SFU Public Square, my co-workers offered invaluable support. Not only did they make sure my resume popped and my interview outfit was "on point," but they taught me how to utilize the SFU Public Square network, offered me personal/professional advice, and made sure I was heading in a direction that felt right for me. I would not be at my dream job right now without the support and the resources that I received at SFU Public Square."