Indigenous Voices

Indigenous voices should be infused into conversations on all topics. But we have been proud to support conversations led by Indigenous people specifically about Indigenous history, languages, arts, cultures, rights and resilience, reconciliation and decolonization.

Illustration by Kat Moyou

About the illustration

The illustration for this topic was created by Kat Moyou (Cree Métis), who explains: "This illustration represents the diverse and intertribal voices passed on and reclaimed across Indigenous Canada. Water, giver of all life, flows from the mouth of an Inuk Elder, representing the passing down of knowledge. The moving water evokes the Métis flag, symbolizing a birth of a new nation and its declaration to exist forever. A turtle rises up from the water, known as turtle island, holding the lessons of the medicine wheel. A First Nations talking stick boldly holds space for the voice of the one that would take hold of it. Trees and water speak to the history of stewardship of the earth as well as the land protectors’ work towards respect and preservation."

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Featured content

  • On Equity: An interview with Melina Laboucan-Massimo

    2021, Summit Towards Equity, On Equity

    Chloe Sjuberg, Communications Coordinator, SFU Public Square

    This On Equity interview has a focus on climate justice, as our interviewee is Melina Laboucan-Massimo, who spoke at Hope in Resistance: Stories of Climate Justice, the keynote event of Towards Equity. Melina is Lubicon Cree from northern Alberta, the founder of Sacred Earth Solar, and the co-founder and healing justice director of Indigenous Climate Action.

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  • "Learn to walk with your head up and smile": A conversation with Elder Margaret George


    Kim Regala, Communications & Events Coordinator, SFU Public Square

    For 21 years, Elder Margaret has worked with SFU’s Indigenous Student Centre as part of the Elders Program. She offers support and mentorship to students, provides guidance in traditional ceremonies and events, and participates in various interviews, guest lectures, and committees.

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