Holding Space for Community

SFU Public Square holds space for SFU and its communities to learn together and work towards equitable and sustainable solutions to our world's complex challenges.

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  • Reimagining Canada Day


    By Sofia Sokic

    As July 1st approached, Program Assistant Sofia Sokic wanted to better understand the historical context of Canada Day and explore why some people choose not to participate. This blogpost explores her findings and reflects on the future of the holiday from the perspective of Indigenous communities and reconciliation.

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Explore Topics


Urban planning and design. Housing and transportation. Parks and neighbourhoods. Politics and business. Arts and culture. The city as a living system.

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All about how we understand wealth and value, how we produce and distribute our resources, and the impacts of those decisions.

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From addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and overdose crisis to examining healthcare systems, mental health and health misinformation.

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Climate + Environment

Addressing how to respond to climate change politically, economically, socially and culturally with a lens of equity and justice.

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Media + Information

Exploring the power of ideas. Engaging with the technologies, politics and economics of media and the people and practices of journalism.

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Indigenous Voices

Conversations led by Indigenous people about Indigenous histories, languages, arts, cultures, rights and resilience, reconciliation and decolonization.

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Equity + Justice

Look here for events and resources around issues of decolonization, reconciliation, anti-racism and dismantling systems of oppression.

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Arts + Culture

Supporting the arts with book launches, poetry readings, artist talks and conversations about the artistic process and arts funding.

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We don’t take democracy for granted. Explore discussions ranging from party politics to voting systems to how people organize their political power.

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Future of Work

AI and automation. The pandemic. The gig economy and the precariat. Unions and labour power. Navigate the future of work with us.

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Community Building

How to weave connections, overcome isolation and build up our social infrastructure. Explore conversations on community organizing, social innovation and grassroots activism.

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