Lunch Poems at SFU | Catriona Strang and Michael Turner


Wed, 15 Apr 2015 12:00 PM


Teck Gallery in SFU’s Harbour Centre Campus 515 West Hasting Street, Vancouver, BC

Featured Poets

Catriona Strang is a Vancouver poet and a founding member of the Institute for Domestic Research. She is the author of Low Fancy (ECW Press, 1993) and, with her frequent collaborator the late Nancy Shaw, Busted (Coach House Books, 2001) and Light Sweet Crude (LINEbooks, 2008). In her fourth trade poetry collection, Corked (Talonbooks, 2014), Strang “fabricates her own reality” in poems that explore the female condition and respond to Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time. She is currently working on Reveries of a Solitary Biker, a collaboration with composer Jacqueline Leggatt and clarinetist François Houle. She and her two kids are active members of the Vancouver homelearning community.

Michael Turner is a Vancouver-based writer of fiction, criticism and song. Books include Hard Core Logo (1993), The Pornographer’s Poem (1999), Fred Herzog: Vancouver Photographs, with Grant Arnold (2007) and 8x10 (2009). Essays included in Intertidal: Vancouver Art and Artists (2006), Vancouver Art & Economies (2007), and Ruins in Process: Vancouver Art in the Sixties (2009). Curatorial projects include “to show, to give, to make it be there”: Expanded Literary Practices in Vancouver 1954-1969 (SFU Gallery, 2010) and Letters: Michael Morris and Concrete Poetry (Belkin Art Gallery, 2012). A frequent collaborator, Turner has also written scripts with Stan Douglas, poems with Geoffrey Farmer, and libretto with Andrea Young.