welcome to the ocean equity lab

The Ocean Equity Lab at REM is part of Ocean Nexus, an international research partnership between the Nippon Foundation and over a dozen universities and agencies throughout the world.

Mission, Vision, & Values

Transformational change begins with understanding how our relationship with the ocean deeply affects social justice and equity. Guided by principles of equity and justice, we connect scholars worldwide to share stories centered around historically marginalized perspectives. Researching the interconnections between inequities unique to each context and understanding the governance of the oceans is core to our research and communications strategy. Our work holds powerful interests accountable for the consequences of systemic inequities. At Ocean Nexus, we aspire to create equitable oceans for humanity.

Research at the Ocean Equity Lab focuses on equitable strategies for economic development, resource management, and the valuation of benefits from ecosystems to communities throughout the world. We research the global and local impacts of international agreements, national strategies, and local initiatives on the people who most depend on coastal and marine ecosystems for their livelihoods and traditions, and highlight best practices and new research and analytical methods that can help recognize and meet their needs. 

Our lab aims to embrace and elevate diverse people, values, and perspectives. We seek international and Canadian students and researchers who are similarly committed to inclusive collaboration and forming strong personal and professional networks.

Current Lab Members

  • Lâl Basok (she/her)
    MRM Student
  • Sieme Bossier (she/her)
    Post-doctoral Fellow
    TASC1 8418
  • Andrés Cisneros-Montemayor (he/him)
    Assistant Professor, School of Resource & Environmental Management | Ocean Nexus Deputy Director
    1 778 782-3160 TASC1 8211
  • Helena Debus (she/her)
    MRM Student
  • Pedro Gonzalez Espinosa (he/him)
    Post-doctoral Fellow
    TASC1 8418
  • Sarah Gutzmann (she/her)
    PhD Student (2024)
  • Ashley Kelsey (she/her)
    MRM Student
  • Ana Lucía Pozas Franco (she/her/ella)
    Lab Coordinator | Ocean Nexus Communications Specialist
    TASC1 8418

Feature Stories