Addressing Barriers to Insurance and Financing with Mass Timber

Mass timber is part of a worldwide construction shift towards prefabrication and offsite construction. Prefabricated buildings made from sustainable sourced mass timber are a huge environmental and economic opportunity for B.C. and generate a triple win of low-carbon buildings, secure jobs and forest sector growth.

Why insurance and financing?

Despite its longstanding presence in B.C. and Canada’s construction industry, challenges with establishing mass timber as a viable and economic choice persist. Our engagement with stakeholders over the past year consistently highlighted insurance and financing as critical issues for this sector, also underscoring the significant lack of cross-sector collaboration on addressing these challenges.

What are we doing?

We are leveraging our role and unique position as a credible convener in this sector to bring together multistakeholder groups and industries to address challenges and co-develop insurance and financing options better adapted for the unique context, characteristics and needs of mass timber projects in B.C. and Canada. 

We will share the knowledge and solutions identified through our engagements into a solutions and best practices guide that will be shared across key stakeholder networks and organizations.

Why are we doing it?

Insurance makes up an increasing share of mass timber project costs. By reducing barriers to insurance and financing, this phase of work will create a more enabling context for greater uptake of mass timber developments across B.C. and Canada, contributing to creating more equitablelivable and resilient communities.

Since 2021, we have successfully undertaken multiple stages of work to help create a more enabling environment for prefabricated mass timber construction in B.C., including engaging with B.C. municipalities, the development sector, manufacturers and key professions to better understand and solve policy and regulatory barriers to the delivery of this building form.  

Interested in getting involved?

We are looking to engage insurers, financiers and building sector stakeholders in this work. If you are interested in being involved, or would like more information, please contact Project Manager, Veronica Grant at

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Learn more about how you can join the worldwide mass timber movement

These guides were published during a previous phase of our ongoing work with mass timber. For more detail on the process behind each guide, visit our Supporting Local Governments in Navigating Mass Timber page.

Building Capacity - Local Prefab Mass Timber Solutions

Building Capacity covers mass timber solutions for senior government officials, the development industry and local governments. Released in February 2023, this 60-page guide breaks down the challenges and potential solutions for each audience.


Local Government Quick Reference Handbook

Released in April 2023, this quick reference guide is aimed at elected officials and local government staff interested in implementing mass timber solutions in their community.


Design Solutions to Prefab Mass Timber Construction v2.0

A design guide for how municipal land use regulations can better accommodate 7-12 storey mass timber buildings and outlines considerations for 18 storey projects. Released in March 2024, this guide updates our original design solutions guide released in September 2022. 



For more details on each phase, visit our past project page.

Past project


Addressing Barriers to Insurance and Financing with Mass Timber is funded by Forestry Innovation Investment (FII). We are grateful for their ongoing support.


Meet our interdisciplinary advisory team assembled by Renewable Cities.

Veronica Grant

Project Manager
Renewable Cities

Norm Couttie

Architect AIBC

Mass Timber Developer Specialist,
Ecosse Development Corp

Helen Goodland

Architect RIBA

Head of Research and Innovation,
Scius Advisory Services

Jeff McLellan

Seniors Vice President,
Western Region Practice Leader,
BFL Canada Risk and Insurance Services Inc

Geoff Triggs


Senior Consultant,
Canada West Regional Leader,
Senez Consulting

Kelly Walsh

Senior Researcher/Project Manager,
Scius Advisory Services


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