Connecting Transportation and Livable, Resilient Communities

Beyond Electric Vehicles Discussion Paper

In collaboration with ACT – Action on Climate Team and Moving in a Livable Region, SFU Renewable Cities led the development of ‘Beyond Electric Vehicles’ — a discussion paper emphasising the imperative of thinking together to reach our climate goals.

The discussion paper explores the opportunities of more holistic approaches—beyond zero-emission vehicles— to reduce B.C.’s transportation emissions. Opportunities include more efficient, less car-reliant land uses in our cities and communities with more multimodal, equitable transportation options. The paper also seeds discussion about key challenges to their development.  

This discussion aims to seed and support conversations to form a common understanding of our challenges and to build shared paths forward.

In the coming months, Renewable Cities, ACT—Action on Climate Team and Moving in a Livable Region plan to convene advocates, researchers, and practitioners to discuss next steps, and we are interested in engaging with other impacted and interested groups. What are the crucial conversations and challenging conversations that you see as opportunities to move toward shared understanding and action? 

Read our discussion paper, ‘Beyond Electric Vehicles,’ here

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