What is SAGE

Joining SAGE is an opportunity to meet other Indigenous graduate students and to discuss research ideas, challenges, and experiences. Attending SAGE gatherings can be a great place to find practical tips and resources regarding graduate studies revelant to Indigenous graduate and postdoctoral students.  

SAGE Goals

  • Increase the numbers of PhD/EdD Aboriginal and Indigenous students/graduates
  • Assist all Indigenous students transitioning to master’s and doctoral programs
  • Develop graduates with a cultural and community consciousness to positively affect change within Indigenous communities
  • Support the academic success and cultural affirmation of students by linking their academic graduate research with culturally-informed mentors
  • Establish and encourage mentorship pods and cohorts across the province in post-secondary institutions
  • Create network opportunities and community- building for graduate students participating within and among pods/cohorts
  • Collaborate with post-secondary institutions across Canada and beyond to foster new SAGE opportunities on national and international levels.

Please visit UBC's Office of Indigenous Education for more information about the SAGE network.