May 2024-  Congratulations to Simran and Nushaiba for being accepted to SFU’s MEd program!

Congratulations to Maron and Nicolle for winning the Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s (CGS-M)!

March 2024-  Congratulations to Lauren on having her poster accepted to the Western Psychological Association Convention, to be presented April 2024

Congratulations to Kylie, Allyson and Nushaiba on having their poster accepted to the American Psycholgoical Association Convention, to be presented August 2024 

Congratulations to Kylie, Allyson, Nushaiba, Michael and Maya on having their posters accepted to the Simon Fraser University Undergraduate Research Symposium, to be presented April 2024 

February 2024-  Congratulations to Lauren for sucessfully defending her PhD dissertation and matching with Vancouver Coastal Health's Pre-doctoral Residency program. 

May 2023- Congratulations to Richard for being published in the "BC Psychologist" magazine. Read it here, page 28.

Congratulations to Carissa, Maya, Michael, Allyson, Nushaiba, Kylie, Sophie, Aisha, Isidora, Aman, Selina, and Asmeetha for presenting their posters at the Connecting Minds Conference. 

April 2022- Congratulations to Michelle for successfully completing her Honours project, and to Michelle, Stephanie, and Tristan for graduating from their undergraduate programs!

November 2021- Congratulations to Michelle on having her first poster accepted to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Convention, to be presented February 2022!

November 2021- Congratulations to Jessica and Richard on receiving their SSHRC PhD fellowships!

October 2021- Congratulations to Shuli on presenting at the 2021 Canadian Sex Research Forum!

September 2021- Welcome to Shuli Sternin, our newest MA graduate student and on her newly accepted paper

June 2021 - We are excited to have received an Insight Development Grant to study consensually non-monogamous (CNM) relationships! We will focus on understanding the romantic experiences of people in CNM relationships, how they can flourish and maintain secure bonds with multiple partners.

June 2021 - Congratulations to Tristan for receiving the Mary Batchelor Memorial Award, Psychology Alumni Honours Award, Robert C. Brown Award and the CPA Certificate of Academic Excellence!