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New guidelines and approval process for in-person meetings

September 08, 2020

Today we are releasing new guidelines and an approval process for in-person meetings and events. They are part of a number of new resources that have been introduced over the last few months to ensure community members stay healthy and safe during the pandemic.

These meeting/event guidelines cover scheduled events with six or more people. They apply to meetings and events hosted by staff, faculty and students. They do not include classes, informal tutorials, seminars, study groups, and lab/research groups, which are approved through other processes.

Can I hold an in-person meeting or event?

The ability to hold in-person meetings/events is determined by the SFU COVID-19 Impact Scale. When the Impact Scale is Extreme, in-person meetings/events are not allowed.

Currently the SFU Impact Scale is HIGH (H2), which allows for staff and faculty to host essential, internal in-person meetings/events. These meetings/events must have a Safety Plan in place, include a limited number of participants, not reoccur and may require approval. Student-organized meetings may be approved once the scale changes to MODERATE.  

Does my in-person meeting/event require approval?

Approvals are required when the SFU COVID-19 Impact Scale Rating is High or Moderate and they either:

  1. Occur in a space that is not covered by the meeting organizer’s Safety Plan, including meetings held on or off campus, inside or outside.
  2. Include staff or faculty who fall under different Safety Plans or people from outside SFU. 

Use the Decision Tree for In-Person Meetings to help determine if your meeting requires approval.

Who approves applications?

Approvals flow through reporting relationships. Refer to the guidelines for specific information.

In-person meetings/events that don’t require approval

Meetings among individuals who are in the same reporting unit (or in different units but under a single local COVID-19 Safety Plan), and a Safety Plan is in place for the meeting room space, must adhere to that the existing Safety Plan but do not require approval.

Download the guidelines and application for more information.

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