Glenfraser Endowment Fund

The Glenfraser Endownment Fund was established in 2009 with an innitial $25,000 investment by Professor Emeritus Barry Truax and his partner Dr. Guenther Krueger, a doctoral graduate in Special Arrangements at SFU. Their generous donation has grown significantly over the years funding two awards - the R.M.Schafer Soundscape Award for outstanding work in the field of sound ecology, and the Glenfraser Research Award for eligible research and travel expenses aimed at both undergraduate or graduate students pursuing work in sound studies. In 2015, Barry and Guenther also made the most significant of contributions: a legacy donation to SFU that ultimately founded an Endowed Professorship in Sound Studies in 2015 with the appointment of Dr. Milena Droumeva in the School of Communication.

Guenther and Barry at Barry's School of Communication Retirement Party

Glenfraser Endowment Fund Recipients

R Murray Schafer Soundscape Award ($1000.)

The R. Murray Schafer Soundscape Award is given annually to an undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing who also demonstrates high academic achievement, skills and interest in soundscape studies/composition or acoustic communication. The award is made possible through the Glenfraser Endowment, established in 2009 by Prof. Barry Truax & Dr. Guenther Krueger.

Current Recipients (2019)

Ronald Boersen
Stacey Copeland

Past Recipients (2010 - 2017)

Miles Thorogood, George Rahi

Yves Candau, Chris Giles

Pietro Sammarco

Vincent Andrisani, Marc St Pierre

Nathan Clarkson, Bill Young

Jenni Schine, Mark Nazemi

Milena Droumeva, Eylul Iscen Ozgun

Andrew Czink, Nathan Clarkson

Vincent Andrisani, Jenni Schine

Glenfraser Acoustic Communication Research Awards

The Glenfraser Acoustic Communication Research Award is given to an undergraduate or graduate student in good academic standing in order to support a research project and/or its dissemination carried out by the student.

Current Recipients (2019)

Stacey Copeland ($1500.)
Freya Zinovieff ($2500.)
Alexandre Klinke ($1500.)

Past Recipients (2010 - 2017)

Stacey Copeland ($500)
George Rahi ($1000)
Freya Zinovieff ($1250)
Miles Thorogood ($1600)

Yves Candau ($1200.)
Tamara Mills ($2700.)

Alexandra Spence ($3100.)
Marc St Pierre ($2080.)
Tamara Mills ($400.)

Pietro Sammarco ($2000.)
Jorma Kujala ($1225.)
Alexandra Spence ($1225.)

Vincent Andrisani ($2000.)
Milena Droumeva ($1000.)

Miles Thorogood ($500.)
Jenni Schine ($850.)
Nathan Clarkson ($400.)
Milena Droumeva ($250.)

Vincent Andrisani ($750.)
Jenni Schine ($750.)
Nathan Clarkson ($250.)