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Animation IAT 343 (4)

An introduction to techniques for 3D computer animation such as keyframing, performance animation, procedural methods, motion capture, and simulation. The course also includes an overview of story-boarding, scene composition, lighting and sound track generation. The course will explore current research topics in computer animation such as facial animation, behavioral animation, artificial life and interactive systems. Prerequisite: Minimum of 24 units, including MATH 130 or MACM 101 or MATH 150 or MATH 151 or MATH 154 or MATH 157, with a minimum grade of C-.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
D100 Sep 4 – Dec 3, 2024: Tue, 2:30–4:20 p.m.
D101 Sep 4 – Dec 3, 2024: Tue, 4:30–6:20 p.m.
D102 Sep 4 – Dec 3, 2024: Tue, 7:00–8:50 p.m.