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Moving Images IAT 344 (4)

Reviews and consolidates the fundamentals of digital video production, including camera and composition skills, the role of sound, lighting, and continuity and montage editing. Students will review and analyze works from traditional cinema and from contemporary digital video. The course will reinforce fundamental skills and extend the student's abilities to use a range of digital production, post-production, and presentation techniques. Prerequisite: Minimum of 48 units and IAT 202 with a minimum grade of C-.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
D100 Sep 4 – Dec 3, 2024: Mon, 2:30–4:20 p.m.
D101 Sep 4 – Dec 3, 2024: Tue, 10:30 a.m.–12:20 p.m.
D102 Sep 4 – Dec 3, 2024: Tue, 12:30–2:20 p.m.