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Embedded and Real Time System Software ENSC 351 (4)

Concentrates on the problems encountered when attempting to use computers in real time (RT) and embedded applications where the computer system must discern the state of the real world and react to it within stringent response time constraints. Both design methodology and practical implementation techniques for RT systems are presented. Although some hardware will be involved, it should be noted that this course concentrates on real time software. Prerequisite: (ENSC 151 and ENSC 215 and ENSC 250) or ENSC 254 or (CMPT 225 and (CMPT 250 or CMPT 295)), all with a minimum grade of C- and a minimum of 60 units. ENSC 351 is a required course for all engineering science major and honours students (no course substitutions are permitted). Students with credit for or who are concurrently enrolled in ENSC 451/MSE 450 cannot take this course for further credit.