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Engineering Science Thesis Proposal ENSC 498 (1)

Supervised study, research and preliminary work leading to a formal proposal for the thesis project work in ENSC 499. This activity can be directly augmented by other course work and by directed study. The locale of the work may be external to the University or within a University laboratory, or may bridge the two locations. Supervision may be by technical personnel at an external organization, or by faculty members, or through some combination. At least one of the supervisors must be a registered professional engineer. A plan for the student's ENSC 498 activities must be submitted to the school at the time of enrolment in the course. Completion of the undergraduate thesis project proposal is the formal requirement of this course and the basis upon which it is graded. Grading will be on a pass/fail basis. Prerequisite: At least 115 units or permission of the academic supervisor.

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D100 TBD