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Directed Research - Honours Thesis MBB 481 (5)

MBB 481 is one of three Directed Research courses taken concurrently to fulfill the requirements of the MBB Honours program (Option A). This course provides students with the opportunity to carry out full time laboratory research in molecular biology and biochemistry under the supervision of an MBB faculty member or associate. The grade for MBB 481 encompasses the research design aspect of the project, consisting of the research proposal and honours thesis. Prerequisite: MBB 308, MBB 309W and MBB 331, enrollment in the MBB or Biological Physics Honours Program, a minimum 3.0 CGPA and 3.0 UDGPA and permission of the MBB department. Corequisite: MBB 482 and MBB 483.

Section Instructor Day/Time Location
D001 Esther Verheyen
D002 Mark Paetzel
D003 Mani Larijani
D004 TBD
D005 TBD
D006 TBD
D007 TBD