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Sustainable Energy Design Project I SEE 410W (3)

This is the first course in a team-based, two-course capstone sequence. Focuses on project management, technical writing skills, and teamwork skills and strategies within the context of an engineering design project. Documentation topics cover proposals, functional and design specifications, progress reports and user manuals. An interim project report and presentation is required. SEE 411 must be taken in the term directly following the successful completion of SEE 410W. Grades awarded in SEE 410W are conditional on the successful completion of SEE 411 in the subsequent term. Prerequisite: 100 units; 2 completed co-op terms; SEE 100, SEE 101W, SEE 310. SEE students cannot take MSE 410, MSE 411, ENSC 405W or ENSC 440 for credit. Writing.