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Graduate Extension/Readmission


Students may apply for an extension to the time limit if they are enrolled in a master's or doctoral program and need more time to complete the program requirements. A single extension may be for one to three terms, and students may be granted more than one extension.

Students should contact their academic unit to confirm the specific extension policy for their program.

Students will be required to fill out an Extension Application form. Extensions are approved by the supervisor, graduate program chair and the dean of graduate studies. Applications for an extension must be submitted no later than the term in which the time limit or current extension expires.

Extensions are not available to students who are discontinued from their program. Students are required to maintain continuous enrollment throughout their extension and are eligible to go on medical/compassionate or parental leave (see 1.4.5). 

A student on an approved extension will be assessed continuing tuition fees (50% of regular tuition)

See Graduate General Regulation 1.12.2.


Students who are not enrolled or on leave (see 1.4.5) by the end of the 6th week of classes within a term, will be discontinued from their program. Students who have not reached the time limit for their program and are discontinued from their program, may apply for reactivation in the same term in which they were discontinued and be retroactively enrolled.

Students are required to fill out the Reactivation form.  Once reactivated, students must maintain continuous enrollment for the length of their program.

See Graduate General Regulation 1.4.8.


As of September 1, 2016, the three year window for students to be readmitted for one term to complete their degree requirements is no longer an option. This regulation has been replaced by the new extension policy (GGR 1.12.2). 

Students who have passed the deadline for reactivation, and are within the time limit for their program plus three terms of possible extension time, can apply for readmission through the online admission application.  When a student’s program is discontinued, the time away continues to count towards the time limit and possible extension time for program completion.

Students who are readmitted to their program maintain the same start date and time limit from when they were first admitted. 

See Graduate General Regulation 1.4.9.

To apply for readmission log in to the online admission application with your computing ID and password. If you are unable to log in, please contact for assistance.