Science in Action

The Faculty of Science’s “Science in Action” offers science education to BC high school and elementary students, teachers and the general public. Through various workshops/activities and tours, we are able to share our laboratories, classrooms, and the expertise of our researchers. Most importantly, our community engagement programs demonstrate SFU's commitment to advance science literacy and inspire curiosity and wonder in our next generation of scientists. More information can be found on our website.

We are looking for Science in Action Volunteers who can assist our workshop instructors in running experiments/activities and lab tours such as setting up/cleaning up and handing out materials/supplies for these science activities or helping out young participants in science experiments. These are usually held during K-12 school hours, either at the Burnaby and/or Surrey campus. There may occasionally be some off-site events and school visits.

Why should you be a Science in Action Volunteer?

  • Network with Faculty of Science faculty/staff and teachers from elementary and high schools
  • Develop your professional, teaching and communication skills
  • Collaborate with other volunteers who are enthusiastic about science
  • Help enhance your applications for future opportunities such as work, school, and scholarship/funding applications
  • Gain experience in organizing and coordinating science events and workshops
  • Contribute to education and outreach initiatives that help build a sense of community on and off campus

Contact: Cynthia Henson, Manager, Outreach and Engagement, Faculty of Science (


How to apply:

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Type: Volunteer
Campus: Burnaby/ Surrey

Job ID: N/A

Hiring Period: December-January and July-August

Start date: Every term
Application deadline: